Guys With Pencils Ep 173 - The Insanely Awesome Kelly Smith!
We had the good fortune to talk with the talented Kelly Smith! Kelly works for Capybara Games! IF you haven’t heard of either her or Capy, then you must have take your head from out of the sand and start getting informed! Start by listening to this podcast where we dive into the really awesome path that took Kelly from being an animation grad working in a box factory to kickass artist working for Capy!

Check out more about Kelly HERE
And don’t forget to check out her shop HERE

ALSO! Check out Adam’s guest appearance on another podcast CANADALAND! As he talks about the animation business in Canada.



I did a ton of illustrations for the recent middle-grade novel, Scare Scape, by Sam Fisher. It’s a really fun book that reminded me a lot of the stuff I would’ve been really into in late elementary school, like Goosebumps, Spooksville, etc. Lots of fun monsters. Doing the huge cover was a, shall we say, harrowing experience.

I think there are about twenty of these black and white drawings in the book, that accompany a little Monster-Manual-ish description. I really like working in black and white.

You can check the book out on Amazon.


Caricatures of my pals Adam Hines and Andrew Murray!
The two do a weekly podcast called Guys with Pencils! If you’re interested in art/animation or indie games, definitely check it out! I’ve learned a lot about the industry because of them!

Justin Chan drew us! He is a great guy and an incredible artist, be sure to check out his tumblr page!

You can also hear the podcast we recorded with him HERE!



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